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Industry Building Blocks supports decision makers by providing line-of-business information (where head-to-head competition takes place)IBB enables you to best understand your competitive environment from all sides - competitors, substitutes, channels, end buyers, and vendors.
Industry Building Blocks (IBB) provides:  
       1. Industry information for the top 19,000 global industries (as of April 12, 2017).
       2. Line-of-business analysis for over ten thousand companies (which include over 50,000 brand names)

IBB Video for: Business Development
  (Comparing companies side-by-side at the line-of-business level)
IBB Video for: Corporate Planning  (Step #1: an industry analysis for each of your company's lines of business)

Industry Building Blocks
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The IBB Context Engine enhances Big Data analytics at:  Discovery Patterns
Make your decision with IBB Precision [TM]
Industry Building Blocks: the first company to define the global economy at the line-of-business (Michael Porter five forces) level.
All of our  proprietary information is developed through research.
All company information is 'normalized' using our Industry Building Blocks Classification System [TM]. 
The IBB industry database is used as the foundation for the Industry Graph.

For CEOs and Development Executives at global investment firms, a technical paper on:
Why a More Precise Industry Classification System Matters

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There are just over 1,000 high-level industries [groups] in NAICS.  By comparison, IBB analyzes
19,000 granular industries (that account for 99% of the global economy).
The average Global 500 company competes in just under 30 lines of business.  
Each IBB industry is analyzed and defined using the following template for each industry: 
Industry Name & Brief Industry Definition
Industry Revenue & Growth Estimates for Five Years
Industry Five Forces information
1.    Industry Competitors
- Industry Competitors by Top Corporate Parent
- Industry Competitors by Immediate Parent
- Industry Competitors by Brand
2.    Industry Potential Entrants 
3.    Industry Customers
4.    Industry Substitutes
5.    Industry Vendor Types
Industry Product & Service Segments 
Industry Customer Segments 
Industry Channel Segments
Industry Complements
Customer Decision Makers
Customer Purchase Criteria
End Users
Distribution Channel Purchase Criteria
Industry Trends
Economic Trends related to this industry
Geopolitical Trends related to this industry
Technology Trends related to this industry
Industry Uncertainties
Industry Success Factors
Industry Social Responsibilities / Shared Value Opportunities
Industry Keywords (input for Big Data analytics. Example:
Internet-of-Things Profile (eight IoT relevancy categories to facilitate industry selection)
Generic Industry Processes & Activities
Additional industry-specific information
Cross-References to Other Industry Taxonomies
-          Cross-reference to NAICS codes
-          Cross-reference to US Cluster codes
-          Cross-reference to the UN's ISIC codes
-       Built-in functionality to cross-reference any customer-provided industry classification
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Example companies and the number of lines of business (industries) in which they compete:
3M (94)
A Schulman Inc (28)
Accenture (100)
Aetna (30)
Allstate Corporation (35) (84)
Apple (50)
AstraZenecs (26)
AT&T (56)
Avon Products Inc (43)
BASF (184)
Cabot Corporation (21)
CAF Group (17)
Caterpillar Inc (227)
Clariant (77)
CNH Industrial NV (129)
Corning Inc (70)
Deere & Company (113)
Dell (166)
Dow Chemical (90)
EMC Corporateion (146)
Fujitsu (138)
General Electric (203)
General Mills (57)
Haier Group (83)
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (289)
Hill-Rom Holdings Inc (84)
HP Inc (79)
International Business Machines (651)
JPMorgan Chase (96)
Koch Industries (94)
Kraft Heinz Company (84)
Macy’s Inc (5)
MetLife (64)
Microsoft (195)
Nestle (54)
News Corporation (46)
Oracle (234)
Oshkosh Corporation (22)
Parker Hannifin (403)
PepsiCo (63)
Pfizer (60)
PolyOne Corporation (56)
Procter & Gamble (173)
Qualcomm Incorporated (41)
Royal DSM (45)
Seagate (24)
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP (22)
Toyota Group (76)
UnitedHealth Group (19)
VF Corporation (26)
Volvo Group (72)
Whirlpool (49)
XL Group plc (68)
To view a list of many of the more than 10,000 companies in the IBB database, view IBB Company List